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Had the wife help me modify an ogio tank bag into a tail bag, had her sew some straps on to hug the seat that can be tightened and loosened if need be, once the seat is snapped in, you have to use the key to take the bag off, came out perfect and exactly what I wanted. It fits the back seat perfect and looks like it came with the bike and is amazingly functional. I modded this instead of getting a tail bag because i didn't like the look of the available tailbags, and the tank bags don't really work due to the plastic on the z800 tanks.

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  • Very good job. Yours fits very nicely. I got the kawasaki tail bag from SW-MOTECH, attaches in a similar way but can easily be removed and works as a backpack too....

  • well done, I got a fantastic 20 ltrs +2x10 ltrs bars from

  • Nice! This one also came with straps that I keep in the bag, that clip onto the bag so you can wear it as a backpack when you park your bike.

  • I was never a "motorcycle luggage" type of person, just always wore a backpack (sometimes still do) and I gotta tell you, having this tail bag has been awesome, keeps everything nice and organized and off my back on long trips, this bag specifically has numerous pockets and keeps everything padded and secure within the bag. And riding with no backpack is like a whole new experience lol its nice.

    Plus I love the look of this tail bag. Lol don't think I'll ever be a saddle-bag guy or dig the tail bags that look like lunch pals though.

  • Bravo for the wife