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Up for sale: Very nice example of a Kawasaki KX 250 1989 lowboy tank. 300 GBP + 40 GBP in shipping.

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  • More pichures pleese. Especaly ov lhs where radator shrowd sits clowse up

  • Justin Johnson

  • Lee Osborne

  • I will have it bud. Pm me for payment details soon as. Thanks

  • Ain't doing that again son lol

  • I don't know if that will fit my kx500 Jeremy Wheeler

  • I do realize it's. 500 page

  • I'm sure he does, since that tank fits a 500 and gives it a lower profile.

  • F

  • I had to buy a whole clapped out 250 just to get the tank. Not many of these tanks left in captivity, esp in New Zealand

  • it fits straight on

  • Its still crouching in my garage. I only picked it up a week ago. Not sure if I'll keep it for a bit of a restoration project or take what I want and sell the rest. Its in pretty bad shape.

  • Jason Shaw

  • Jason Shaw

  • Yeah looks like a few parts will transfer to the 5 hundy. I recently bought an 89 500 that needs a good tidy up. First 500 ive had in over 20 years! I used to have a 1990 model waaay back when i was 20. Should have hung onto the old girl in hindsight, but I think we all say that about lots of bikes we've owned over the years