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My new zzr :)

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  • Pat McCullagh you mean the fluid tanks? I ordered online from Rizoma, but now found also a copy in China. Much cheaper. Hehe

  • Think spelling pretty good,Rizoma is that where u got them from .

  • not tanks,they are

  • Derek Vaughan follow this link

  • Ok,i give in,thanks Damir bud.

  • I was right,and my spelling was.YES

  • I mean ALL of it Damir and thank you

  • And the bar-end and pre-load screws Damir?

  • Bar ends from Rizoma, pre-load screws original Kawasaki. I made this bike my special edition - ohlins rear schock, akrapovic exhaust, dark tinted blinkers back and front, dark tinted back light, Rizoma adds, mra front spoiler

  • Lovely jublie