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Evening all, due to a motor failure of my current race bike i have bit of a mission to turn this ZXR750 in a Classic Superbike Race Bike in time for two Proclassic races in Europe in April. Bit of a push I know. Thanks to Matt Pearson and his valuable advice, i now have a shopping list of parts that i desperately need to buy or borrow, i am hoping there is a charitable ZXR owner out there in a position to help. I could do with the following please:

1. Race fairing and seat

2. Race fairing and tacho mount

3. 39mm flats sides and still airbox perhaps

4. Dyna 2000 programable ignition and coils

5. Light wheels, Matt tells me that ZX6 wheels are the story

6. Rear shock

I am open to ideas, time is of the essence, i can travel to collect.

Any help/assistance greatly appreciated.

  • Speak to Ian Harrison at Mistral.

  • Race Products do very well made WSB shape L/M fairings which are thin and light and very reasonably priced. they're what's on my L. If you're registered on teh PB Magazine forum there's a build on my L, which uses the lighter J swingarm, ZX6 G/J/A1p wheels, etc etc. My Dyna ignition came from TTS and was about £320 new. I also got dyna coils and taylor leads.

  • J model arm is identical dimensionally, but the centre section is fabricated rather than cast and 2-3kg lighter. You can see here the boss I've had welded on the right spar to accept the 6r caliper hanger. 6r wheel, hanger, caliper and spacers are used with a 4mm spacer for the sprocket. Saves about 3-3.5kg in all.

  • Colm Taylor a few ideas to lighten up the 7/9 :-)

  • Nice

  • Got most of that but in Oz