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burning myself at the Gran Veintiuno Convencion National's burnout day

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  • Was there in my kymco scooter for the burnout. We broke the world record!

  • almost all entries were kymco...mostly were scooters, followed by k-pipes.. there were also super 8s

  • Thats right as kymco was one of the sponsors. Used my kymco 200i scooter.

  • btw.. Sir Vic Omamalin , what was the record made... was it exactly 300 units that made the burn-out?

  • We were looking at 300 but ended with over 300 riders. Were you there with your avenger?

  • Sir Vic, i was there, & so was red avi, as seen on the pics,.. avi engine on choke, so engine sound would be different... or more or less like the other bikes. Black avi with rear box came from zamboanga with zamboanga big bike group. The other pair are Harleys from Iloilo group. Funny, some people took pics beside our avis, Sun’s too hot, could get to the burn-out area, nor take pics of the sexy kawasaki girls. 'hope you could post some pics of the sexy kawasaki girls.Some of my younger companions got some clips of the burn-out activity. 'hope you are in this clip. 982

  • Cant move around much in my avi. Bought it last nov 24 and dealer todate cant give me or/cr and plate. Was at dealer yesterday and had to raise my voice to get needed attention. There are many checkpoints around and when stopped it is the or and cr that they ask you to show. This was passed on to me by my friend who went up north during the lenten holidays.

  • Could not move around much during convention as quite busy during burn out activity. Did have our share of the cobra, ropali and fdr tires models!

  • Sir Vic i bought my avi last oct and i already have my plate!

  • Well they promised till months end. If i dont get it by then they are going to get another mouthful from me.