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Got my wheels & Tires put on today! Anyone got suggestions on What lift I should run HL or SATV?

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  • HL is simple by design and the most prevalent. There are tons of guys with it on teryxforums and teryxcentral that have it and love it.

  • I agree Mark Manning when I bought my 13 T4 I put this same post up and had at least 15 people say HL! This post here only has You and Charlie Bolt! Ha

  • The yellow one (short bus lol) actually has long travel now but I believe it had HL in this pic along with most of the others. I have ridden in many with both and the difference is negligible as far as ride. My buddy's T4 with Kings will show you real quick how the stock shocks suck!!! Even the podiums.

  • Mark Manning got any pics of the long arm

  • I don't but you can Google images of T4's with LT and check out the resting angle. It is 30°-40°

  • I will have pics after our September Windrock trip. You both should consider joining us. It is teryxforums charity ride where we plan to rent out all of half moon campground so we can have fun without bothering others. Bunch of T4's/T2's!!!

  • Mark Manning I ment pics of the yellow with the long arm on it

  • That's what I meant as well. He is one of the guys that attends but I haven't seen it and won't until this year's ride, other than pics posted on and His screen name is Shortbus. He literally has a stop sign installed inside of his front driver's door lol

  • Charlie Bolt

  • O ok