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New to the page, 2010 zx6r bought her in may, absolutely love it!! M4 slip on, pc5, crash cage, HIDs, hotbodies undertail, gp tech handbrake, she looked pretty until last week when I gave too much throttle clutching up parking lot wheelies, just got her back on the road today, she's not pretty anymore for now, winter time that will change!!

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  • Looking good ;)

  • Oh and you too Cory Crewl lol

  • I can't wait to have her back to being pretty

  • Nice!! I have the M4 also LOVE it

  • Yea I need a new one, so I'll buy the full exhaust this time not just the slip, love the sound of the m4 without the baffle cage

  • Here's the old and new subframe next to each other haha

  • Oh man - you must have been so gutted when you messed her up!! :(

  • I was actually more mad about the brand new jean I bought that morning lol, shit happens, if I didn't have the cage I woulda turned it into insurance and let them total it out, but so far I have $550 into it to rebuild it, over winter I'll paint the tank, powdercoat both wheels and few other little touches, never know she was wrecked

  • Lol! Thats the attitude mate! Keep smiling and move on ... and buy some more jeans!! Hehe!!

  • Ouch!!.., I just had a song pop into my head, "That aint no way to treat a lady".., I am sure you will have her looking beautiful again, welcome to the group Cory.