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Went to pick up a new pair of spark plugs, spotted a t120 which was standing next to my w. I honestly thought they'd be bigger since they have a 800cc(?)but they look the same in terms of size.

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  • except the big, fat, ugly engine... ;-)

  • Have they lessened the rake on that front fork? Last time I did a side by side was with a 2007 Bonnie and it was night and day with my W.

  • The W looks better and IMO is truer to the original bikes of the 60's

  • Trying to compare is irrelevant. One is a modern, 1200cc big bike with all the electronic gizmos and a "classic" flavor, the other a classic bike with a few modern dfeatures and half the displacement.

  • Tell me about it. I drive a v-strom dl650 and everyone asks if it's a 1200.

    There is also not much difference between the dl650 and dl1000 except for the dual exhausts when you first look at them.

  • You talking about that Intruder Jack?

  • Not getting into any debates as to which is the better motorcycle... and recognizing that many aesthetic details of the new Triumphs are designed to look more "Sixties correct," I can't get over the fact that the new bikes' motors look too large, and the Thruxton's wheels looks too small - out of proportion. While the out-going 900cc models look better-balanced, to me, the new, 900cc Street Twin looks the best-balanced. I love riding, and looking at, my 900cc Thruxton almost as much as I do my W650. But my W650 (both of them) captures the spirit of the mid-Sixties, classic, parallel twin the best - no contest!

  • Twice the weight of a w least they feel like it

  • A bit exagerated Mark..;) I just spent two days riding an 09 Bonnie.. They feels a bit heavier, but pull like a train... The extra 50% cc and 20 horse makes a dif..

  • Ah don't get me wrong Jack, they're a cracking bike but I really noticed the stunning short arse 5'7" stature probably doesn't help mind

  • It's not how much extra weight, it's where they put it all - they are extremely Top heavy, makes them feel much heavier than they are, adversely affects the handling. But it's all about engine size on these now, and they have made some styling detail improvements in that regard as well.

  • Well, can't tell the one I rode for two days had a worse or better handling than my W650. Different, but not worse. As you mention Scott it FELT heavier, reminded me of my R100S (which has a much lower COG), but really ran and handled fine. It was slightly modded and remaped, and the power/torque difference with the W was where I really felt I was on big bike.