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My new zzr1100 c infill panels dipped in carbon :) by Tonys Hydrographics Dipping Service In Nantwich

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  • Very nice Colin

  • There was Gordon , he was from Kettering and he ripped a load of people off ! Promising loads, delivering nothing or really crap stuff! I nearly got stung ,as he wanted to be paid by bank transfer, but I insisted paypal, he wouldnt accept it in the end , for good reason the stuff was rubbish!

  • Iwas the one that outed him col :)

  • Im glad you did, he was a right piece of work!

  • He seems to of dropped off the scene found new forums to scam

  • I thinking of buying a kit to do this in my bath, my friend as one and showed me how to do it,

  • Very jealous looks great!! When I stop falling off mine I will invest in something like that! :)

  • New 1100C..... not another? It's got to be for the 'old lady' surely... :-)

  • No Pat not another,ive no room in my garage! Its for the 'not as young' lady :D

  • Love it Colin :-)