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Two sides of the same stone.

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  • On the side that says Scotland, the other side is Scotland and vice versa.

  • For sure "Scotland" is in England nad "England" in Scotland 3:)

  • Ah, I get it now. Means you're about to enter the country, then. Thanks Colin.

    Very naughty, Tomasz! :)

  • Have you no seen Braveheart Tomasz Bojko?

  • "Freedommmm!!" ;)

  • I have seen 20 years ago in cinema. All I remember the girl was not as friendly as I expected.

  • What girl?

  • I'm always confused between Braveheart and Rob Roy, when trying to recall the action scenes.

    Damn, it's a day of confusions for me, today... :P

  • Tomorrow's another day.

  • Can someone explain Azlan what girls and cinema have in common? :v