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Here's a way to show your loyalty to your W. I'm riding in the Edinburgh edition of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride this Sunday and I have two eligible bikes that both want to go. A 2003 W and a 1968 BSA Spitfire. I'm posting this on the BSA FB site too and the winner will be the site whose members provide the most sponsorship by Saturday at 12 noon GMT. It's a good cause and your sponsorship can be modest and withour risk. Look for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride site. Click sponsor a rider and look up stichillite riding in Edinburgh. I'll post a link to make it easier. This could be good and thanks to all sponsors in advance.

  • /rider/stichillite

    That's a link that takes you right into your sponsorship page rather than searching for it.…

    C'mon guys throw your hat in the ring, it's for a very good cause. x

  • The Beezer remains well in front.

  • Thanks for that W vote and contribution. Oddly I can't respond to your message via phone. Just freezes. The esso garage is right at the end of the bypass as you join the A1. 1st exit off the A720 is to Edinburgh. 2nd is the one to take and be ready to turn left into the garage a 100 yards or so from the roundabout. The 3rd exit takes you onto the A1 eastbound. We should probably just batter down the A1 to the Haddington exit. Got it? Does it suit?

  • Yesh I know exactly where you are, what time did we say?

  • Lol yes not yesh, I'm talking like Sean Connery cos I'm gonna be wearing a bow tie and spending a lot of time in Edinburgh

  • It's 20 miles so maybe 30 mins. To allow time to meet up with whoever else is leaving from NB I'd say we leave the petrol station just after 12.30 and take an easy ride down. The Beezer cruises about 50/55 mph. Can you be there for 12.30 unless you want to risk being the first at NB.

  • North Berwick is 1:30 for a 2:00 departure so I reckon 12:30 is a bit early.

    Make it 1:00, mibbe a whisker earlier at the garage, fuelled up and ready to rock and we'll be there spot on 1:30.

  • Done. Wouldn't want to be first there.

  • Sound, see you then.

    Dressed to kill

  • BSA wins but still riding with a W. Thanks to An Gof and W Windmill.