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A bit of off-roading today above The Debateable Land between Scotland and England.

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  • Only one poll will be accurate Azlan and that'll be the actual vote. The Scots are notoriously difficult to second guess. My feeling is that it will be very close and could go either way. But to keep things relevant to this site, I still expect to be able to ride my W and my English BSA over the border as I expect to welcome English riders on the Scottish side to enjoy our fantastic and largely empty roads.

  • The Kawa KLX250 is the only reasonably priced bike you can buy for off-roading in Thailand. I wish there were options (there aren't) but actually it's a great bike for jungle trails. However, the W650 is my favorite for cruising.

  • Anyone ridden one of those lardy GSs. The one in the picture is the latest semi water cooled ones. If someone gave me one I'd trade it for about five other bikes I'd rather own. Most modern bikes have too much unnecessary power.

  • I rode a 2007 R1200GS on Sunday, as a favour for a friend. Yeah - lardy, dull, boring, uninspiring, agricultural and so on. A waste of my time...

    Luckily I joined a few friends on a superb ride right after that, astride my W... :)

  • You guys are pretty harsh towards GSs on this page

  • Can't help it. That's how I honestly felt about that Sunday morning ride... :)

    Any Japanese bike half the price, half the power and half the weight can do pretty much what the GS can... and even better in some areas...

  • I had an R1150R for about 6 years and 25 000 miles. Liked it because it had useable power, but not a keeper.

  • Many friends told me the 1150 is a much better bike than the 1200 I had ridden...

  • Never had a GS, but I had a 2003 Suzuki V-Strom 1000cc. I thought it was a good motorcycle. Never gave me any trouble. But I couldn't imagine riding it "off road". Heavy and bulky. It was a motorcycles I never came to love .....

  • I think if I had a green laner it would have to be summat light weight.

  • My buddy paid 14000 GBP for his Beemer. I was thinking about what I'd get for such a bundle and arrived at: BSA 441 Victor. Moto Guzzi V7. Fantic twinshock trials bike. BSA B31 and a lightweight road bicycle. I reckon I'd get decent examples for the money. By the way my buddy's year old Beemer is about to get a replacement engine under warranty.