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Just what the doc ordered, couple days on the road riding northern California, i dont know how many times I had to explain the car tire on the back to all the Harley guys, they were sure impressed how it handled

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  • Well I found the delphi Darkside board with a data base of the tires ran and the sweet spot for air pressure here. I am looking forward to putting the GY Tripletread on the back of mine.. anything to reduce the cost of living and therefore giving myself a raise is a good thing if its safe. With the amount of people doing it now, I am willing to give it a try! I am tired of playing or being the victim in this society based for the 1%'rs.

  • You go man, I run the GY tripletread, saved about $900 in rear tires just remember the tire will be a little stiff at first off but as you put some miles on it the better it will handle/opposite of a MC tire. Not to mention the ride quality will improve, especially 2up.

  • Clint W McGill I went with your recommendation via posts, and on the darkside board it seems the V2K's in general are using this tire. So I say go with what's a known result if you're going to experiment. So mostly run solo but I am about 210 lbs and I have hard saddle bags and a hard trunk. On that delphi board it appears the best process is: 500 mile break in - run it at 40 psi, afterwards it appears the sweet spot is 38 - 40 psi for this specific tire on this specific bike. Does that sound reasonable? PS: any push back from dealers/installers putting the care tire on? Any advice on the approach?

  • Dealers might not install I use a MC tire guy, thats all he does.300 to 500 miles get a good scrubbing on the outer tread . I ride 32 psi one up or two up you will adjust for your comfort, Bare Carr might have more info , I just use the basics and you want to make SURE you back tire runs true. Keep the rubber down and your head in the bugs :)

  • It looks like they seat around 40 psi on the rims on the database. Ok I'll start with the basics and get my feet wet.