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So today my baby was claimed victim to the Oklahoma wind... Was parked and away from the girl when a gust rolled her into a ditch.... Weather I do an insurance claim or not..... I'm gonna need some lube...

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  • How the hell did the wind blow it over? When mine's on the stand it's leaned way over to the left, especially if the bars are turned to the left.

  • Had to be one helluva wind gust to blow that beast over.

  • Ouch! Oklahoma wind can be brutal!

  • factory wind shield

  • Sorry

  • Man that sucks that's a sweet looking machine

  • :-(

  • Irish Esrc, let me find out what my insurance is gonna say and if they say they will total it if I claim I'll just get the windshield from you

  • just pm me

  • Yep go the insurance claim i just claimed replacing my drive belt on insurance thats what its there for