Photos from Christian Frick's post

Hey there from the Pilbara in Western Australia

Just wanted to share some pics of my Versys 650.

Gets me everywhere I want to go

  • I like your tyres. Any pros and cons?

  • Nice one mate. Great colour. How does it feel over the previous model?

    Noticeable change?

  • G'day mate

    The tyres have been great so far. Surprisingly on and off road the grip holds nicely for the size of my Versys. Makes it quite a capable ride

    Yet to see how they wear. But very happy with them so far

  • It's great mate ! Brakes are a lot better miles smoother no vibration at all

  • Still got both mine is the yellow one and the red one is the wife's but it used to be mine. She had a fazer 600 but preferred mine so when she said you have a new one and I'll have your old one I jumped at the chance ! Happy days :)

  • Ian Atkinson she's a keeper for sure !!

  • Hi! What type of tires do you use? Thanks!

  • Hey mate

    I use continental tck80

    Great tyres