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This is the before and after of my z750 don't want to big it up too much but.its kinda nice but it has some great old school bits on it.i had to buy it.hope you think I improved it

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  • Which one is after

  • Ooh that's not nice.i don't think anyone would set out in 2016 to do a bike in red green gold and silver,unless you suffer from colour blindness

  • What's the belly pan off chris

  • I'm doing z650 at the moment

  • I do like the 650 but I do like all the old school bolt on bits.from the 70/80's guillari seats jmc swingarm micron fork brace etc etc.the belly pan was just from m&p accessories

  • Yeah love 70sand 80s bikes,I'm after a harris exhaust, got a kerker on now,to fuckin loud lol