Photos from Chris Lee's post

Finally got my beauty back after 8months in the workshop.... had to order parts from UK.. lucky for u guys in Europe. There are more spare parts compared to Asia..

  • 8 months that's a slow boat

  • what did they do during 8 months to your bike?

  • Hahaha.. ya boy

  • Looking for parts and head crown. The workshop only managed to get hold of the parts from UK...

  • Whats the number for - not a plate ?

  • It's a plate.. Singapore registered plate.

  • We had front plates in the UK up to 2001 ( I think) Nahh, that can't be right) anyway, on a bike in Singapore, where would the number go if you don't have a screen ?

  • Agreed ugly.. If no screen, u gonna place it jus below headlights slightly above the front mudguard....

  • Chris Lee do you have to have it tattooed across your forehead

  • Rhys Rowlands hahahahaha.. that's a good one.. Bro. But that's one of the regulation under the Road Traffic Act in Sg... to affix the pate there...

  • Either tattoo under the Chin of across the forehead..!!