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Which cans you carbon or danmoto ??

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  • Think there in Newport wales

  • thanks alot

  • Carbon, nice seat!

  • I don't want to hijack your thread, but I'm wondering if you could take a few close up pictures of the mounting plate behind the passenger seat.. Here in the USA we can't mount that plate because there's nothing slight difference with the tail. It's just a small difference with the plastic. I'm willing to pay someone to find me that piece so I don't have to modify (cut) mine so I can mount that plate and ultimately a rear storage box

  • Carbon

  • Carbon

  • Yes Bradley Tranquillo ill do it tomorrow its in the lockup now ok bud not a problem

  • Awesome! Thanks

  • Bradley Tranquillo Here you go, part # 36040 (I just put in the info for my bike which is a 2014, obviously you'd need to change that if yours is a 1st gen) ninja-zx-14r-abs-zx1400fefa/o/m155359#sch799138

  • Thank you. Mine is the gen 2 also.. It's a 2013..