Photos from Chris Huby's post

had bike serviced today & had acropovic cans fitted, but i dropped it on its side in the services, before i got to the dealers


  • Gutted for ya mate.

  • mee to, well i was at the time. fuming

  • Ooops expensive pal.

  • it sure is steve cost me enough for service & the cans lol

  • I've got those crash bobbins on mine, fitted when new. And I too have dropped mine off the stand when in a bit of a hurry. Aside from a broken hero blob on the foot peg and a little gravel rash that you have to look hard for, there was no real damage. Anyone else reading this post....get some bobbins....they're well worth it!

    Your bike does looks the nutz Chris :)

  • think i will shane, after reading about this, cheers mate.

  • bobbins have been ordered lol

  • Me too,

  • i put crash bobbins on mine from new,good job i did because ive dropped mine as well,with very little damage if any really.