• Photos from Chris Harris's post

    Lovely day for a ride out

    • Yep all you need now is a Z11!! Try these... https://m.facebook.com/groups/ 9360556916?ref=bookmarks

    • Cheers pat

    • I love the Z'14... #rubsthighs #bikeporn

    • Great looking bike

    • I'm thinking of buying one.

    • It's a very natural progression and what makes them extra special is to hold onto and ride the 1100 as well (if practical)

    • I would keep the 1100, it's worth so little it's not worth selling. I don't need the money.

    • Whats the handling like compared to the zzr1100?

    • I would hope the handling had improved between 1990 and 2005(?)

    • Maybe the 1400 has a self adjusting chain...