Photos from Chris Adams's post


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  • a few more pics. my barrels 1 sleeved the other stock. nackered casing n my engine being drained of its lubricants.

  • Is that what they call a "basket case" ???

  • Oh wow that is a sad motor :(

  • the more i delve into the depths of the engine the worse it get

  • My one was pretty screwed but damm not a inch on that one. That gonna get pricey

  • i looked at the powervalve spring assembly last nyt n i could move the spring from side 2 side. summat else thats not how it should be

  • Haha mine the later model motor so its different but Yeah prob not meant to do that

  • she might look sad now. but she will gleam wen shes done

  • A man with a plan... good luck Chris, I got all the faith in you mate, She will ride again!