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  • this is what awaited me wen i removed the clutch side cover

  • Ive done it too. My flywheel key sheared throwing timing out and it kicked back hard and broke my case and my start shaft

  • aha so the damage 2 my flywheel is wat screwed the csae. thanks 4 the info.

  • Be there luck finding a used one, I had to buy o.e.m.

  • its not all doom n gloom this can be my practice piece 4 the mods i want 2 do. but it still leaves me searchin 4 another.

  • Ya you might have a sheared key and ablonged the holes for a double whammy , then firing before tdc and wham bring that thing to a hault hence the side cover

  • ive not rode this bike. my old man bought it years ago n its stood eva since. now ive bought it n im building an 87 k5 08 af conversion. this is what i cunm 2 face through the build i know sum details of the bike but not all