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Well my mechanic stole my forks and front and rear lowering kit so can't finish my build yet. Really bummed out cause I'm out of a job now so no money to finish but got the engine covers on after I painted them. Before and after.

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  • Did you call the cops ?

  • Yes

    I have to find where he lives, send him a certified letter and give him 10 days to return if he doesn't then I can press charges

  • Nice job! Glad to see its coming along.

  • Thx, need to clean up the sealant but I'll et it seal completely first

  • Make SURE the valve cover gaskets are good shape and not leaking, now is the time to replace them. You have to pull the motor to replace the valve cover gasket's! Man, that SUCK'S the dirt bag stole your parts!!!!!!!!!!!! Also that you lost your job! Hope you get them back or the dirt bag does time, lot's of time, what a LOW life!! Hope thing's look up for you, they say every dog has it's day, I just hope we should live so long!

  • Yea, karma is my revenge

    But I did replace all gaskets with new OEM gaskets. Every single one.

  • not RTV....right??? That stuff kills bikes.

  • The seal? Yes

  • DJ check your other folder.

  • No not yet. Mechanic I hired to help me put the bike together stole my forks and progressive lower kit, also the rear lowering kit I bought. Just got a set from Alan and going to start back on it this Spring.