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Hey does anyone have a 2015 Kawasaki Mule Pro fxt Crew? Color doesn't matter prefer green camo or black! Cash in hand! Who's got one for sale! Above Knoxville tn

  • We have them in stock but we're in az.

  • Yeah way to far away. My dealers around here have them new but Wanted to see if anyone had one they'd sell or had a steal on a new one

  • I have had one for a year. Sold my Rzr 900 best decision I have made. Very versatile especially with a family of 5. UVC Powersports in Texas had the best price at the time of purchase too bad they were 1000 miles from Alabama. Good luck

  • Any trouble out of it? Is it all stock? How many miles you got on ot

  • I have not had any issues other than the suspension is a little light when hauling 6-800 lbs in the bed. Really need heavier springs. I have maybe 300 miles on it and it is all stock other than brush guard and lights, windshield etc. I do plan to put a lift and taller tires. It will bottom out pretty easy if ruts are more than 8 inches deep. I don't do any rough riding mostly logging roads at the farm and hunting camp. As far as the ride it is very smooth. I have a bad back and have gotten to where I can't ride a 4 wheeler due to the jarring with this I can ride for hours with out any problems. I would buy another one tomorrow. It is quiet, smooth and dependable. I might even go the diesel route on the next one.

  • I always liked the diesel ranger and mules but their so slow. Would you want to sell yours? Lol

  • Not really. I would have to buy another.

  • Looks sharp I love the bed on them

  • Yes we had two of the 3010 mules and the bed was the reason we bought them. I was going to buy the teryx and when I got to the dealership they had just put this out for sale one test drive and I was sold on it. It's kind of the best of both worlds. It's not a speed demon but it will run 40-45 which is plenty.

  • How much are you wanting to spend. I will be glad to check with a few friends to see if they would be interested in selling

  • About 10 for one with steel wheels be fine with me

  • Ok I will check around.

  • Try Abernathy Motorsports in West Tennessee..

  • Ok thanks I appreciate it man

  • Yeah I've heard of them they have some good deals. Would like to find a used one lol

  • They don't depreciate much.. 8)

  • That's a good thing tho I guess lol