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Caught it before it ruined my cylinder, but now I've gotta find another 72.95mm piston. Wossner is much cheaper. Are they any good?

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  • The best in my opinion

  • I can get them for you.

  • What shop are you?

  • Rockhound motorsports

  • We'll have to talk. I want a few things done and hoping to send it to just one place.

  • Mike Chick I'm actually looking for the same size piston and sleeve if you could help me out

  • Think was one on ebay from greg ori. not same brand as mikes from rockhound mike can get ya what you need

  • Without the sleeve what good is the piston

  • Theres a la sleeve to on there for it not to sure think it may use the wisceo piston greg had listed

  • Paul Botte bore cylinder to size send out to rechrome?? Think you can

  • Northwest sleeve. Boring Oregon, or superior sleeve can do custom sleeves. I'll call Monday on the pistons. I have an account to at Wosner. I can have custom piston made. I have to do a minimum of 4 on the first order, then they give them a part number and can be ordered in singles.