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Just installed 8K HIDs in my zed, and this is high and low during the day, can't wait till tonight. Bloody spotlights.

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  • Nice was it hard?? What kit??

  • EBay, 20 quid, H4 bi-zenon, or hi-lo, and yes a right bastard, easy to put together, literally plug and play, but I had to remove the dash frame and light unit to get it in as the bulb back is so big but well worth it.

  • Is it legal?

  • Well mot wise kinda, police don't like it any brighter but standard HIDs are 6k , normal bulbs you buy in the shop are 3-4 k

  • great job mate. since fitting them to my 4th Hayabusa i was never pilled out on again. suppose it was the Akro as well with baffel removed. oh what a noise.

  • MOT failure, expect high beams and obscene gestures heading your way

  • it is if you buy a HID lens/headlight. which aren't available for a zzr.

    a normal lightbulb emits an arc of light, HIDs give off a straight beam, which isn't defracted properly by halogen lens, blinding other road users and scattering all spectrums of light everywhere

  • BTW my friends one caught fire. alot easier to rip off on a dirt bike

  • Quite the optimist arnt you Matthew Bens