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Great ride Saturday. Went out with a Yamaha club. A few teryx out there. Would love to coordinate a ride with this group. This was East side of pleasant.

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  • And us Teryx peeps just climbed right up everything!! Great pictures Brian. Such a fun run and super people to ride with!! Let's go again

  • Team Teryx did great!

  • Yep we sure did!!! IMO others were impressed by how well our Teryx cars ran!!!

  • Where is this at? Beautiful

  • Also any of those YXZ guys do Crown King yet? I'm curious as to how they do on that trail

  • West side of I 17 & New River. Lots trails by the far north end of Lake Pleasant

  • Noone I talked to had said they did it.

  • Rumors of a 2017 Teryx 1000 new design, anyone hear anything?

  • Where is the staging area at over there? It looks amazing! The super bloom flora near me is already dying off. The family and I are planning to do some offroading this weekend in the area south of the Carefree Highway between about Lake Pleasant and the Boulders OHV area north of the canal.

  • Brian Burke where do you ride south of carefree hwy? Recently fences have gone up in the area I think you might be describing and no motorized vehicles signs appeared.

    On this ride we staged at MotoCity in Anthem. You could possibly take the 1st road to lake pleasant but go past the entrance. Up a bit you will see a road on your right. Room to stage there. Go east to the PowerLine road and head north. It's state land trust land so have your permit in your tow vehicle window and a copy with you in your sxs. It gets really rough in places

  • Thanks, Barb! We ride in the area between Saddleback Mountain and the Twin Buttes. The area around Bunkers Peak at times as well. The whole area north of the canal is going to be turned into three new master planned communities, but some of it is still State Trust land (re: where the developers cannot stomach the cost to build vertically or bring it down to horizontal). I have the permit and some of the land is still not leased. There are riders out there all the time in all different makes of vehicles. Aside from the people who use it as a shooting range and do not pick up their casings, it's a great area to ride in. Probably going to be organizing a trail clean up in the future. As soon as any officers say it's no longer OK to ride there, I'll stop. For now though, there are no "keep out" signs that I see short of not driving into the subdivisions currently under construction.

  • Wow Brian I'm not familiar with those areas. Sounds like fun places to ride. Maybe we can meet up with you sometime and you can be the tour guide! So sad to hear that land will be developed. I suppose it's inevitable but still sad. Thanks for letting us know about other places close by to ride.

  • Any time! It really is great out there. We're going to go turquoise hunting this weekend!

  • Thanks!! Wow that sounds like a lot of fun!! Love turquoise. My birthstone

    We are doing Box Canyon in Wickenburg. Camping out

  • Haven't spent anytime off-road in the Wickenberg area yet, but I hear there are some great trails to be had.

  • Us either. Looking forward to riding some of those trails