• Photos from Brian Foote's post

    Whatcha guys think of these saddlebags, not as friggin huge as the last ones, just right?

    • Thnx Dieago!

    • What kind of pipes and air cleaner are you running ? Mines all stock but fixing to upgrade

    • Nice bags! Which ones are they?

    • Got'em off ebay

    • Dieago, not sure the brand of air breather but got'em off Ebay & the pipes are just stock pipes with the mufflers removed. Though, Freedom Performance Curves are fixin' to get mounted in the next couple days.

    • Are they for the Softail Springer? They look similar, but not quite.

    • Not sure the actual brand but they are throwovers that I got on Ebay. I'm gonna trim off the throw over piece & hard mount them.

    • They are actually the Heritage design

    • Beautiful

    • Brian Foote, miss your old handlebars!!!

    • I like them myself !

    • Is it the original exhaust, without the end ? I love that ! The noice is ok ? Thanks from Belgium

    • This is mine

    • Sweet ride Pierre

    • I like the colour

    • Thank you ,