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I have no words.

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  • Miss mine everyday, I'll be walking again soon and will probably try to find another.

  • Look at the bright side. You can still get parts for that.

  • Damn, what happened?

  • Tragic!

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery

  • Here's something to inspire you ... Take a very close look at this photo of a British motorcyclist and FB friend of mine. Two years ago she survived a really horrendous crash. But here she is back on her modified 1950s Matchless. She has the respect of myself and many others.

  • +1...!!!

  • Hi Brian! How are you?! Better? Greetings from Italy.

  • Good no your friend its the wind addiction

  • Good thanks mate. I'm just about to leave hospital. I will be six weeks in a wheelchair. Luckily my adult daughter is at home to help me to the toilet and such. Thanks for asking.

  • Jon ... Brian has been hospitalized. :(

  • Sorry I didn't realise , sounds nasty , thanks for pointing that out to me

  • Sorry Brian, wishing you a good recovery, didn't realise you had been hospitalised apart from the damage to the bike!

  • Cheers mate. Definitely feeling sorry for myself. I'm at home now. The next 6 weeks is going to place a big burden on my wife and family.keep your eyes open my friends!

  • Hi Brian. Just a quick line, hope you are feeling a bit better and your recovery is going well.

  • Thanks Jon. I'm at home now and being looked after very well by my wife and daughter! Wheelchair bound for another 4 weeks unfortunately.

  • Healy thy body then thy bike