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Wondering what this is worth, carb is messed up, missing mid pipe and clutch lever missing.

%d comments
  • given it doesn't run and other obvious things. I'd offer $900-$1200.

  • me personally I'd want it for under 1k

  • I sold one bout 5 months ago i got in a package deal that was a rider had nice plastic but could use little work ran good i sold for 1200 . but lately they have been all over the place on price not many for 1200 seems guys are paying up on some

  • 800-900

  • Originally bought mine for 1300 but it quite running right before we got there to pick it up, thought it was something minor and ended up paying 500 to get a Pennington Racing Stator. Then it scored the piston 30 minutes of runtime later

  • 1500 running

  • Not for sale just saying