Photos from Brandon Stoker's post

Retro fit kx250 to the 500 for alittle update. Thoughts???

  • Do you own a kx 500

  • yes I have a 88 KX500

  • Sweet

  • I personally think it looks dog shit... a kx500 looks best as it came out of factory...

  • Don't sugar coat it Ricky,.....tell him straight!

  • Not everything that comes from the factory always looks sweet until you customize it there dicky

  • Jonathon Bell where did you get your carbon fork guards for your kx5?

  • Pro Carbon Racing in the Uk

  • I love everything except the tank what a ball buster lol I prefer the smaller one if your not desert racing other than that sick bike

  • Jonathon Bell, I looked at their website, but it didn't show fork guards for the 500.

  • I agree about the tank but got a new oem one on order.