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    Have an 07 zx14 13xxx miles has scratches on both sides and a cracked front fairing.. was wondering what I should look to get out of it price wise. no stupid shit.. bike is mechanical sound and not giving the bike away eother.. thanks for all input bike is in missouri. If there is anyone interested in buying pm me

    • I say around 5 or 6.

    • Paid $5000 had 7k miles

    • This is what it looks like


    • I bought my 2009 special edition with only 786 miles on it just over a year ago & had been laid down on the right side at almost 25 mph & I only paid $6000.00 for it. With yours being 2 years older, higher miles & damage on both sides you'll probably be hard pressed to get 5000.00 but it never hurts to try.

    • Here's what it looks like now

    • Here's the good side