Photos from Bobby Thammarak's post

My boy ^^

  • What's with the beak?

  • What do you mean ?

  • Or are you going for the Multistrada look?

  • It my team product that sale in thailand bro ^^

  • Oh right ok

  • Very nice you know I'm a fan of the all black bike a look. Quite a bit of luggage you've got on there planning on going for some long rides? Also your windscreen needs a few more decals I still see some empty spaces.

  • Only small space left now ^^

  • I took this set of photo to send to Kawasaki Thailand for apply for a trip that Kawa Th & Touratech Th arrange together

  • Bobby, save that space, I will find an Alaska sticker and send it to you,

  • Then send me your postal detail this is My FB group Thailand Big Bike Society we help all biker that need help by the local area

  • This is my Riding gear & Part shop in Hat Yai / Songkhla , Thailand Big Boy Playground

  • What crash bar sets are on their? It looks like two sets combined :)

  • I think the beak looks great on the gen 2 models, but it just isn't necessary on the gen 3 in my opinion. Takes the new sleek appearance and makes it looks like cheap

  • Storm beak

  • Project A Design beak

  • What do they actually do? Do they serve a purpose or just looks

  • People will say they serve some type of function, but it reality they're just aesthetic. On the Gen 2 models it gave it more of an "adventure" look sort of like a BMW F650GS, but on the Gen 3 it looks like a retarded duck lol

  • There are 2 set there top.& bottom

  • Who makes them?

  • สวัสดีครับ...จาก MALAYSIA

  • สวัสดีครับ จาก Thailand

  • Me ^^