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Letting my old w650 go.... Based in bolton 31000 miles not mint but very usable on eBay if anyone is intrested to night or pm me... I'm open to sensible offers. NOW LISTED ON eBay

  • Can't see it on Ebay yet - or did you mean it would be up there tonight?

    Would a shortarse with a free bus pass be able to handle a W650? I did ride a 750 Commando <cough> a few years ago and that was plenty of raw power for me.

  • Going on eBay tonight.. I posted it on here first to give the guy's on here first shout

  • Andrew yes. Ideal bike to get back into motorcycling. Torquey but not overly powerful, in fact, underpowered is probably more accurate, but charming in spades. Utterly refined compared to an old Norton, and ten times more reliable.

  • Richard Sharp Good to hear. My 1971 Norton was not the worst example, but I did have to carry a huge spanner for the exhaust nuts and the NOC Manual rightly described the vaunted Isolastic suspension as "a tuppeny halfpenny arrangement of grommets and washers as a substitute for spending money on R and D".

  • +1. And if your last Norton was a Commando, you'll find that the W650's seat height is lower. Looks like Bob's bike has the OEM handlebar. Don't be put-off if it feels like a stretch - It's a high bar, but (perhaps more importantly if you are not over 5'8") also quite a wide bar, which may feel a bit of a stretch at full lock - easy fix with a bar that fits you better, ergonomically (narrower, lower). The kickstarter is optional. Destinations will feel shorter as you won't find yourself pulling U-turns to collect lost chassis components.

  • Destinations may in fact be further as you will find yourself riding an extra turn for the sake of it :-)

  • Bob

    I'm actively considering a W650. I'm going to PM you.

  • PM sent.

  • A great bike for wandering about on, and nipping out for an hour can sometimes turn into an all day adventure, they're a joy to ride.

  • The bike is now listed on eBay

  • Now listed on eBay

  • Bike is now Sold

  • Bike is now sold

  • That didn't take long.

  • Sold it for £2500 cheap I think

  • Maybe. It looked like a tidy bike.....