Photos from Bill Lagerwey's post

Just bought this one, little damaged though, but all fixable!

1993 model

  • Loads of stainless replacements out there but not cheap. I recently got a good condition original front section for £60 odd quid

  • Im buying a stainless complete system, so Im selling my complete original exhaust.

    Whats it worth for you guys?

    Lloyd Fenech, Andrew David Gregg. Btw, do you know where to get cheap fairing? My front and head panels are damaged.

  • Wouldnt know how much the exhaust is worth. And I'm not minted so give us a price and ill let you know...... re parts: Ebay Germany seem to have a lot of zxr may already know that.

  • From iom Bill.. Think I know that bike,, :-)

  • Okay, I wonder how, it was shipped from the US in 2006, it was originally green. Has been candy apple red, and now purple. I live in the Nerherlands... where do you think you know that bike from? Im curious.

  • Iom.isle of man.. . Friend gad one on this color for sale last year, :-)

  • Tell me whats iom... kind off a rookie here.

  • Isle of man.TT land . ;-)

  • Oh sure! Well... I doubt it was the same. I really love the colour, but I think its gonna be hard to sell in this colour.