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Regarding the sales of the Vulcan 2000, if the Voyager had the V2K engine in it they would sell many more as it is the Voyager weights 60Lb's more than the V2K so it's not the pounds its the power and lack of touring package and also the V2K engine was a pain in the ass from the stand point of how to check and maintain the semi dry sump engine and the proper way to adjust the drive belt also the opinions of oil capacity. The sales of touring models of Harley weight much more than any V2K and the point of much less power, bottom line the touring bikes are very popular.

If I were in charge of model change at Kawasaki there would be a Voyager option 1700 cc or 2053 cc engines and other models as well....BTW my 04 V2K weights 821 lb.'s. I would also offer a V2K trike. The last 12 years I have sold 41 V2K's as far as I know only two no longer have them .. ....... Bare Carr

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  • Bare modified...even modified the Cobra exhaust. Everyone tells me how good it sounds.

  • Bare, have you ever toyed with the idea of changing the drive belt to a chain or drive line so it can handle the torque/weight with less chances of breaking?

  • No way

  • Figured so, it would probably cost more to convert it than the worth of the whole bike?

  • I never ever had belt problems.

  • My mistake, I thought I read the trikes went through them fast plus being a real Bare to change out-- lol " couldn't resist the play on words"

  • Love it

  • The few chain conversions I have seen were to do a 300mm rear tire on chopper style chops:

  • by by for Italy .