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Installed on my Trike new 150/80/16 Michelin Commander 2 rear tire in front with reverse rotation front tires have 4 mm depth the Commander 2 rear has 7 mm depth 42 Lb's psi ..recommended by Michelin ..WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE ..Steers and corners like it's on a rail with 35 lb's psi in the air shocks.

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  • You did an amazing job with that Bare. Fair play

  • What front tire is that, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Love that trike

  • Its not a front robert, its a 150/80/16 Michelin Commander 2 rear tire as in the description :)

  • Hey Bare, on a trike would it be possible to set it up with the rear seat to carry two passengers? My wife and I love to ride together but we're limited because we have a special needs daughter to care for. If we could take her along that would be awesome. Your trike look really good by the way.

  • Duane Hett any thing is possible $$ sence would lead me to a sidecar you could take it off when not in use,