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hello to everybody. i am going to buy a kawasaki w650 and the seller send me some photos without the kickstarter. i ask him why he pull out the kick starter and he said that the bike did not have it from the start. is this true? there were models without the kickstarter?? thanks

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  • Agree with Colin, something smells about this one.

  • Walk away.....there'll be a better one (with a kickstarter) come along....

  • Doesn't feel she is in good hands.

  • Depend... The price maybe worth it. For 300 £ i'll buy it :p ! Try to negociate if your are able to repair the maybe broken kick (shaft) by yourself....

  • Why do you think the shaft is broken? It cannot be seen in the picture, and is set back in the cover.

  • It should have the power of a 675cc W650. If you are not familiar with riding a W650, or if you don't have a friend that is familiar with W650s that could roadtest the bike for you, stay home and monitor ads for a proper W650.

  • my other choice of w650 is 600€ more expensive and I don’t know if it is worth the difference only for the kickstart. I want your opinions

  • I think the lack of starter may be indicative of how the bike has been treated by a previous owner...I'd wait for a better one.

  • Yes, the nagging question remains: who tampered with that bike, and why? Whenever something looks like a great deal, it's time to be honest with oneself - can you afford the cheaper option?

  • The owner of the cheaper one is either lying or ignorant and has been conned himself. I don't trust him and wouldn't buy from him.

  • It is worth the difference, if the rest of the bike is good.

  • In my opinion, missing kick starter means missing care for the bike. Kick starter can be repaired (I suggest to do it) but how is the general mechanical condition?. Bring the bike to an experienced mechanic to take a deep look.