Photos from Austin Davis's post

Just finished rebuilding my '04 kx500

  • 2004 with green tank?? what happened to the original black one?? and also the fork is missing the rosé touch that the 03 and 04 kx500 forklegs have

  • The front forks, basically everything but the tripleclamp is a 2002 kx250 setup

  • As far as the front end goes, the tank had to be replaced due to a hole in lower side

  • In case your questioning what's not the original kx500 setup here's what I've updated or replaced on this bike:

    '02 kx 250 swaps-

    Front forks

    Clutch cable

    Motion pro twist throttle and throttle cable

    Rims and tires

    Front and back brake assemblies

    Front and back fender

    Kx500 parts-

    New tank

    New FMF expansion chamber

    New wiseco stock top end rebuild

    New tusk top end gaskets

    IMS pro series foot pegs

  • kyb 48mm forks.. good choice

  • but the girl needs graphics for the finish.. ;)

  • Definitely, idk if I want to get factory graphics or just get a sponsors sheet and go about it that way

  • factory effex has good black/green matching graphix for example ... ;)

  • Their graphics do look sharp, I wish D'Cor had a more modern set for the 500

  • I looked at FASTHOUSE and they got a nice graphics sheet as well so I might order that and an assorted sponsors sheet