Photos from Anthony Moore's post

Another box of kx500 goodies.. Special thx for the tank know who you are...

  • Still on the hunt for a purple front fender

  • Sending the tank & plastics off to James Sharp soon...

  • Love those 90's graphics bro

  • I have a couple. Pm me

  • Awesome!

  • I've been checking for days for the fender and can't find anything. That's awesome that he has some

  • I know right..I've pm him waiting on a response

  • Sean Buob i pm'ed you hours ago....when you see this can you please inbox me back sir,plz ?

  • Nope, mine went to Sweden along with the shrouds. I'd like to find a set of shrouds again though!

  • Anthony Moore My guy won't part with his front fender.

  • Stefano Fluo search is over my front fender& fork guards also.... Thx sean buob..

  • Sean Buob you rock man... Petry Knapele I got my front fender & purple forks guards all in one

  • Sean Buob check your inbox....I already paid you for the items..just let me know the shipping cost..thank you

  • Bad ass!

  • why don't you just ask for a winning lottery ticket next.

  • So you have all the plastics now right?

  • ❤️

  • Yes all the plastics now...everything...gotta get my tank,side panels rear fender & front plate renovated.....

  • Shrouds ,front plate front fender all new & fork guards

  • Can't wait to see it finished

  • Perfect bro!!!!