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Helping out in the shop today god I love green lol now if only I can have him sell me the t 3 only been after it for 14 years smh

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  • Hey Andrew, is this the CWR shop? You mentioned to me that you help it there.

  • This is where he keeps his and customers stuff he's working on and the parts counter his shop is in the back this is his parts n storage area more less it's a nice sized place and he's always full

  • He does alot he works on race quads and motors all over the world I talked to him this morning and mentioned you

  • Awesome man! Looks like a nice place. He will have my jug Tuesday morning! Super excited to see what it does once I get it back!

  • What all you having done

  • TBD.haha. definitely port and polish. Considering getting my head milled or dome modified to run premium fuel, because that's what I run anyway. Getting the power valve modification too. May have my cylinder plated if it is "rounded"