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So I finally got around to swapping out my front brake callipers today..

I can't believe I actual rode this bike having now seen the state of the old brakes

  • tokico for tokico?? what is the difference?

  • Great work as usual Andy.. Will be going down that route myself ASAP will be borrowing ££££ from the Ferret fund. Again lol....

  • About 12 years development,

    Larger alloy pistons instead of steel, and much better oil ways

  • I'm just waiting on a new M/C reservoir rubber diaphragm now, as the old one was as fucked as the callipers

  • Then finally I should be able to go ride it like a fucking demon

  • Know that feeling!

  • Don't get me wrong I knew this bike needed some work doing, as I bought it quite cheap! But some of the things that do need sorting makes me wonder, how the fuck did the previous owner ride around on it with all these issues

  • I've already replaced rear caliper( thanks to John Mckelvie for replacement) as one that was on seized and couldn't split as Allen bolts rounded.. Lots off improvements in mind front caliper upgrade first,decent rear shock one fitted works but would like it be more adjustable probably go ohlins or something similar.. Already done risers on bars( cheers Andy) been using money saved for other projects (ferret fund)as zzr is my daily vehicle, may have to sell a bike or 2 to speed things up as rely need to finish ferret for summer.. If you come ace cafe meet Andy should come see it while you're down this way.....

  • Me too pal I'm also planning some other upgrades like rear shock etc.. eventually! For now though I just wanna get it out on the fucking road lol. I'm hoping I can make it to the ace cafe meet, but I'm a little sceptical at the mo, and yes mate that be cool to pop over to your n have a butchers at your ongoing other projects

  • I bet your misses will pleased to hear of you shifting some stock

  • I can still ride mine just know front brakes aren't as good as could be..still got exup as backup if need to get zz off road while fitting new parts.. Be great if you can go ace cafe should be good turn out..may even have ferret on road by then take you out for spin cut some cars up make a change from them cutting us up on bikes lol...I said I MAY sell some bike's... Always good having full stable lol..wife's a good un see understands that I've got CBBD ( compulsive bike buying disorder).. :-)

  • Hey guys I found a company that does the shoulder bolts in 303 stainless steel, for those that prefer rust free & bit of bling! 303 is used in many applications such as gearing and aircraft fittings, so if it's strong & durable enough for that it should suffice in your brake callipers however, please note the thread on these are 4mm less than that of the high tensile shoulder bolts I've used..

    Anyway the choice is yours, 25-2

  • Hi Andy mine arrived just waiting on washers said they would be here yesterday,still not arrived...

  • If you get any issues I've got some spare ones I can pop in the post for you pal

  • Thanks mate... But I'm going to message them see what's the hold the meantime going to have a rummage in my sheds must be 4 washers that will fit in there...somewhere lol

  • They've just gotta be at least 1.7mm thick..

  • Cheers..I'm armed with my vernier.. If I'm not out in a couple hours send in a search party..