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  • hmmmm.....I seem to recall telling you to do that when you got the bike and you started ranting about safety and visibility :)

  • Yup it's illegal and hard to see and you lose reflectors

  • Only a matter of time before ticket

  • Meh, if you are relying on those to be seen you are in trouble. If it is that big of a concern to you, try reflective rim tape.

  • Yeah I don't think it matters too much. The good drivers will see you, the idiots won't look for you no matter what lol

  • I have reflective decals on my helmet, that probably helps

  • This whole setup is the same price as the Yoshimura fender eliminator alone lmao. I saw it on the ninja 300 forums and really like the LED/smoked

  • The reality is you could have floodlights strapped to your back and the idiots still wouldnt see you.

  • Lol exactly. I've realized it's the worst in rush hour traffic. Three cars pulled out in front of me today, plus a couple minor annoyances. Some days I won't have any trouble but there's always at least one during commuting hours