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Man this bike is just outstanding to learn on. Only my second ride and I've already got down shifting, braking, leaning and counter steering, signaling, and handled highway speeds

  • Haha

  • Ninja is my Life haha

  • Good job bro I highly recommend going to your nearest race track all of the people there can teach u everything u should ever need to know

  • Nice!

  • Looks good brotha! Take your time though and don't be in a rush, I spent about 6,000mi on my 300 practicing and honing in on my skills until I moved up to my zx6r and it definitely paid off. Track time is great and pushing your limits is always fun but be safe about it and even a 300 can outride most riders. Bike looks great though man. I like your color!

  • Familiar color ;)

  • wow, mastered riding the second time out. be careful out there and dont get too arrogant, you have a lot to learn still. I had mine at 80 in second today as well.

  • Nice, putting words in other people's mouth

  • Just because I figured out how to do XYZ doesn't mean I "mastered" it

  • lol, the great thing about the 300 is that you can throw it around easily, fantastic for learning to lean/corner. I you are going to spend any money on upgrades, change those tires, the stock tires suck.