• Photos from Andrew Basehore's post

    Cracked case repair tuned out good

    • Great... Now get it back together and go ride it :-)

    • 92mm jug needs to be revived with some high temp epoxy after new water pump drive gear is pressed into stroked crank. Cc the heads I have laying around to see what I have and get a decompression head. Hard to work on the toys working on gas tankers.

    • If it ever happens again or anybody else I can weld machine stuff pretty much back to normal and it's cheap but just throwing it out there

    • Gentlemen i got crank from was running it so far out of balance it "was the worse I've ever seen" and used a starter box.

    • Ya it definitely had several issues

    • Pm sent

    • What did you use Jeff? I bought a product called durafix that I've played with.

    • Ryan did you get my msgs?

    • Just did now

    • I didn't repair it Brian,Andrew did I just saw the stuff b4 the repairs were made..

    • Tig weld