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I picked this up for 400$ with on road title.. Guy says it has not been started since before year 2000. It was in a heated garage under a cover.. The gas smells like paint thinner lol.. It has good compression but the kick starter only grabs every 4 or 5 kicks... Any idea on my problem? I plan on doing a motor rebuild

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  • Do a carb rebuild. Establlish fuel flow and spark first, then go from there.

  • Kick starter just might be the spring and gear assy

  • Okay I figured it might be that.. Never had a kdx before.. This will be my first road legal bike.. Any opinions on gearing? And supermoto

  • I can't help you in that area, sorry. Keep us posted on your progress, and good luck!

  • Kool thanks!

  • I have a 91 200 that had the same problem, as Alex mentions, try the spring or the ratchet pawl, I changed the viscosity of the engine oil and problem cured without parts.

  • Sorry meant Dan's comments

  • What oil did u use im going to try it

  • I used Ford F type ATF oil better viscosity when cold preventing slip, if it is the ratchet ir spring, then the part numbers are:- 92081-122 Spring Ratchet, 13078-1063 Ratchet, 59051-1041 Kick Start Gear Spur. Good Luck!

  • The KDX's are prone to slipping kick start ratchets if the oil is old or thicker than it should be...strip the carb....drain the tank and add a bit of premix down the plug if everything seems ok see if you can start it! I bought one last year that had been stood in a garden shed for 7 years and it's run fine ...I bought another this year that had been left outside in the rain for 4 years and that's been good as well .....thank God for the fork gaiters!