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Not sure if this was posted lately, but in case anyone missed it on eBay - what the f*** was this guy thinking? And how did he think he could get over 3k for the poor thing. Genuinely made me sad to see, so sorry in advance...

Didn't meet reserve surprisingly. id=221545886853

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  • It must've taken a lot of work to get it to look as bad as that !!

  • Yup, the W had a rough suffering in his hands...

  • poor thing... we should report this to the UN.

  • Rough Sufferer must refer to the visual and mechanical rapes that took place

  • Killer ride sooo rad! Stunning! Hat off to the man who built it. Ooh I so want one! Worth every penny. Y know I gonna build a replica ;-)

  • It's been relisted...

  • Maybe it's someone on here?

  • I think a ban could be in order

  • Maybe if we all chipped in we could buy it & give it a proper burial, remove the wheels forks & engine & maybe 1 or 2 bits more then place the rest in a pit of salt & cover over & never speak of it again!

  • I will gladly do that funeral service in a very private surrounding. After the autopsy :-)

  • Hahahaha. Great idea

  • I want it!!!!!!!!