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New screen levers and extra bright led's

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  • What are those LEDs? T10?

  • How you down the spot ones in side groves. I did mine today side lights

  • T10s. The ones in the grooves are bullet led's from bike Viz. think they're on facebook.

  • Bikevis.

  • T10s

  • Ones in the intakes aren't so bright in the day but good at night.

  • I used Cree leds in mine

  • I want to swop my main light and full beem light but duno what too

  • I know there's a kit you can get with projector beam lights and led halos.

  • Kurtis Vincent Lowe those I got are T10 crees.

  • Yeh it's £350 not paying that lol

  • Yeah not cheap.

  • Was thinking an LED like the side ones

  • Kurtis Vincent Lowe these are what I put in.

  • Kurtis Vincent Lowe not sure what's available. Could ask what others are using. I went for some upgraded bulbs. Philips night breakers.

  • Yeh I looked at these

  • Kurtis Vincent. They look the same.

  • Yeh? Al get them ordered them and give it a try

  • Kurtis Vincent Lowe there's these as well. When you fit them you have to put the adapter off the original build or they'll be loose in the holder.

  • Oh right am guessing that's going to be the same with any aftermarket bulb then?

  • Yes mate it works as a spacer. Confused me when I tried to fit them. You'll see when you get original bulb out.

  • Ok cheers Alan, you in other sx group?

  • Kurtis Vincent Lowe just this one.

  • Join it, it's ok mainly all uk people

  • Cheers