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    euro gear done last week end easy to do!

    • Thinking of doing this, did you shim the speedometer sensor or whatever you have to do?

    • I've heard of this modification. What exactly is it?

    • Best mod ever.... Great color too :-)

    • No shim, you have to remove a washer.

    • Swapping out of the transfer gears in order to drop ratios, make 1st gear more usable, and make 5th a true overdrive. U. S. models came with taller gearing than the rest of the world.

      http://focusontheride.com/euro -gears/

    • How much please

    • Gears run $90 to $130 each (2 of them) depending on your supplier. You will also need new gaskets. I added a shim to the rear gear. My total was around $240 shipped.

      https://sites.google.com/site/ rodsv2kdrifter/euro-gears

    • Thanks

    • have to wait for the snow to melt before trying it,

    • this bike is my third vn2000 i buy this 2006 brand new in 2012 hard to go for a smaller bike, it cost me 300.00 cad dollar for the gasket and the gear.

    • there is a small washer under the speed sensor i have to remove it it is the hardest part of the job.

    • Please excuse my english i use to speak french!

    • pasde problemes mon homme....

    • It's ok eh yer Canadian. I apologies cause I can't speak French.