Photos from Al Randall's post


Tomorrow it the oil cooler and rad to go on

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  • Mighty fine :-)

  • That does look good. (y) Are you going to put a transparent fairing on? ;-)

  • Lol les Yeh I know it's gonna get covered up but I know it's there and I've got the satisfaction of knowing I did it all not just what you can see

  • Could always do a clear cut out for viewing lol

  • Really like the green and black colour scheme, where did you get your wavy discs from Al Randall

  • Phil Bury McMurdock the fronts are black shadow and the rear is from eBay sandy bike spares

  • Mark Brogan .. I'm on it

  • I like the color Al, that's a nice green

  • Hi les .. It's a mix I had done so it don't look too yellow .. Derived from ford st pearl

  • Stands out well Al, nice one :-)